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Booking Mary Gordon

If you would like to book Mary Gordon, Founder and President of Roots of Empathy for a virtual presentation now, or an in-person presentation at a later date, contact: Irena Trajkovska, itrajkovska@rootsofempathy.org. 

Watch some of Mary’s talks HERE. You can follow Mary on Twitter @MaryGordonROE and on LinkedIn. And Roots of Empathy on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn – @RootsofEmpathy

Mary Gordon speaks on topics such as: empathy, innovation, education, civil society, leadership, social entrepreneurship, pluralism and parenting.

Upcoming Speaking Engagements

September 26-28, 2024

Atlantic Rim Collaboratory (ARC) International Summit: Attendance, Belonging, and Success

Mary Gordon is honored to be chosen as one of two Thought Leaders at the International Summit of ARC in Edinburgh, hosted this year by the Scottish government.

ARC was founded by Dr. Andy Hargreaves with the vision to establish a global group of educational systems that advances values of equity, excellence, wellbeing, inclusion, sustainability, democracy and human rights for all students within high-quality, professionally-run systems. Ministers of Education and their high-level staff will attend from many countries.

Speaking Engagements in 2024

June 12, 2024

The Transformational Power of Male Compassion, hosted by the Global Compassion Coalition
Mary Gordon speaks about boys development for the Global Compassion Initiative

Mary Gordon, President and Founder, participated as a panelist at “The Transformational Power of Male Compassion online event, speaking on the opening panel. The discussion focused on ‘understanding and celebrating the beauty of males and nurturing boys’ development into healthy men.’ The event, hosted by the Global Compassion Coalition and moderated by Dr. Daniel Ellenberg, also featured Dr. Judy Chu (ROE US Board member) and Dr. Paul Gilbert as panelists. Since its release on June 12th, the panel discussion has garnered over 1,000 views.

Mary shared crucial insights on the importance of fostering empathy in boys to address the “male crisis of connection.” She emphasized that nurturing empathy can improve mental health, reduce bullying, and break intergenerational cycles of violence. Roots of Empathy proudly supports the Men and Boys Compassion Institute.

May 28, 2024

The Power of Love Summit 2024
Power of love Summit

Roots of Empathy Founder and President Mary Gordon  was interviewed for the Power of Love Summit, emphasizing the connection between love and empathy. “To truly love, you must understand and feel with others… Without empathy, there is no glue in relationships,” she stated. The full video, which delves further into these important themes, has received 2,000 views in its first two weeks.

May 05, 2024

30th Augustana Human Library – “Walk a Mile in My Shoes”

Mary Gordon was delighted to be the closing speaker at the 30th Augustana Human Library. Her talk, “Walking a Mile in My Shoes,” delved into the significance of empathy as a cornerstone of building an inclusive society, its impact on children, and the importance of developing empathy early.

The Augustana Human Library has been recognized with multiple awards, including the 2018 University of Alberta Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Award. In 2017, it also received the ALA Presidential Citation for Innovative International Library Projects.

April 19, 2024

Statewide Conference for the Judicial Council of California – MEDIATORS

Mary Gordon closed the conference  with an inspiring and motivating presentation on the impact of the empathy movement through the global work of Roots of Empathy. Attended by 450 judicial mediators, her talk was followed by an informative Question and Answer session.

April 5, 2024

Statewide Conference for the Judicial Council of California – LEADERS

Mary Gordon presented at the conference for judicial directors and supervisors. Her presentation on the global work and impact of Roots of Empathy was recorded for the Statewide Conference for Mediators on April 19th.

The Judicial Council is the policymaking body of the California courts, the largest court system in the nation. Under the leadership of the Chief Justice and in accordance with the California Constitution, the council is responsible for ensuring the consistent, independent, impartial, and accessible administration of justice. Judicial Council staff help implement the council’s policies.

February 23 -25, 2024

Métis Nation of Ontario – Early Literacy Development Requires the Connection of Mind, Hand and Heart
Mary Gordon presents to the Métis Nation of Ontario

Mary Gordon was the Keynote speaker at the 5th Annual Early Learning Conference hosted by the Métis Nation of Ontario in Niagara-On-The-Lake, Ontario. The conference provided an opportunity for 350 attendees and educators from across Ontario, and other provinces to enhance their knowledge of Métis children and how to support Métis children in the classrooms and community. In her presentation Early Literacy Development Requires the Connection of Mind, Hand and Heart,  Mary received spontaneous applause throughout the presentation including when she said, ” I may not have prepared notes, but I have a prepared heart.” She was honoured to receive a standing ovation at the conclusion of the presentation which reviewed the history of Seeds of Empathy in supporting children’s development in early literacy and emotional literacy.

Speaking Engagements in 2023

December 1, 2023

Embracing the Early Years, Capture the Moment for Early Learning and Child Care organizations, professionals, and students of Mohawk College

Speaking to 450 attendees at the Liuna Station in Hamilton Ontario, Keynote Mary Gordon spoke about “Setting a Place at the Table for Everyone”. Empathy is the ultimate human trait. Children’s parents and ECEs are powerful models for empathy. If we want to build a society that is inclusive and caring where everybody feels that they belong, it is imperative that we develop empathy. Thank you to the sponsors: Affiliated Services for Children and Youth, the City of Hamilton, and Mohawk College.

November 8-10, 2023

Hope Restored/ L’espoir renaît: New Brunswick Trauma Conference 2023
Mary Gordon speaking at the Hope Restored/ L’espoir renaît: New Brunswick Trauma Conference 2023

Mary Gordon gave the opening keynote address and spoke on the theme of Collective Trauma, Collective Hope, highlighting the cumulative effect of trauma and how empathy provides us with hope for the future. The New Brunswick Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Health, and Ministry of Education funded the bilingual conference.

Roots of Empathy also presented a workshop, where Mary Gordon was joined by Julie Lundberg, Director of Curriculum and the Director of Atlantic Canada, Annie Oh, Research and Evaluation Coordinator, and Darlene MacDonald, Program Manager, NB & PEI. Together, they shared Roots of Empathy’s History as a Trauma Informed Program. 770 delegates attended the conference from a variety of professional fields such as education, government, military, RCMP, and social work, and they came from across Canada and from parts of the United States. See more about what was presented here.

November 3, 2023

Inspired Teaching and Roots of Empathy discuss: Cultivating Empathy, Academic Excellence, and Deeper Understanding.
Mary Gordon, Roots of Empathy and Inspired Teaching Join up for a learning event

In Helsinki, Finland, during education week, Mary Gordon co-presented with Aleta Margolis, Founder and President of the Center for Inspired Teaching, where they spoke and lead a dynamic discussion with teachers and policy makers. Their theme was on Cultivating Empathy, Academic Excellence, and Deeper Understanding.

October 31-November 2, 2023

HundrED Innovation Summit in Helsinki, Finland
Mary Gordon speaks at HundrEd in Helsinki about Roots of Empathy

Mary Gordon gave the opening keynote address at the HundrED Innovation Summit announcing the 2024 Collection, where she shared the inspiration for Roots of Empathy and its global impact. HundrED, a Finnish non-profit organization, annually evaluates global education programs for their impact on delivering quality education innovations that ‘transform school systems’ and equip students to ‘thrive as global citizens’. To see Mary’s speech, please visit this link.

Roots of Empathy was inducted into the HundrED Hall of Fame for Education Innovation in 2023. See our HundrED Profile: https://hundred.org/en/innovations/roots-of-empathy

August 25, 2023

MenCare Global Fatherhood Webinar Series: “Revolutionize the way boys are taught about care”.

Mary Gordon presented in Johannesburg, South Africa, on a panel for the MenCare Global Fatherhood Webinar Series – “Revolutionize the way boys are taught about care,” coordinated by Equimundo: Center for Masculinity and Social Justice, founded by Ashoka Fellow, Gary Barker.

The web series centered on the strategic recommendations from the State of the World’s Fathers 2023 Report. Each webinar throughout the year highlights one of the six recommendations from SOWF 2023, which align with the acronym CARING. The webinar series highlights examples and evidence of care systems from around the world that engage men in unpaid care work. Mary Gordon contributed the story of how Roots of Empathy socializes boys to feel and to care. See the discussion here.

July 26, 2023

Virtual Interview with Cheryl Luptak from Change Openly

Cheryl Luptak, from Change Openly, invited Governor General of Canada Innovation Award (GGCI) laureates to share their valuable perspectives regarding the GGIAs in order to assess the impact of the award and explore how to amplify their impact. Change Openly empowers change makers to make a bigger difference by helping ignite and nurture social good – bravely, fully and openly.

July 19, 2023

A Joyous Celebration of Ideas, the Arts, Science, and Efforts to Make the World a Better Place Organiser
Mary Gordon speaks at Vancouver event for Children

The Summit held in Vancouver, B.C., spanned the Arts, Humanities, Sciences, and Humanitarian and Social Justice Initiatives. Designed to build community that crosses continents, cultures, and fields, Mary Gordon spoke on the topic of Roots of Empathy: The Global Children’s Program, The Research and Impact on Education Policy. Mary shared the empathy theme with Dr. Tania Singer, of the Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences in Leipzig, Germany. Other speakers included dear Roots of Empathy colleagues, Thupten Jinpa and Dr. Daniel Siegel.

June 26-29, 2023

Collision Tech
Mary Gordon at Collision speaking for Roots of Empathy

Mary Gordon spoke in Toronto at the Collision conference, one of the world’s largest tech conferences, with 36,000 participants. Mary participated on the panel discussion:  ChatGPTeacher? The Future of Learning. (See a short clip).

June 20, 2023

Roots of Empathy Research Symposium: Empathy Towards a More Caring World
Mary Gordon speaking at the ROE Research Symposium

Mary Gordon spoke at the Symposium on a topic of inclusion: Setting a Place at the Table for Everyone at our 10th Annual Research Symposium (see the presentation here). The symposium had over 1300 registrants (live and online combined) with 95 % of post-event survey respondents that they were pleased with the outstanding presentations.

June 17, 2023  

Interview With CBC Fresh Air Program
Mary Gordon is interviewed by Fresh Air CBC

Mary Gordon was interviewed by the Canadian Broadcasting Company (CBC) radio’s Fresh Air discussing the upcoming Roots of Empathy Research Symposium, “Empathy Towards a More Caring World”. Fresh Air, hosted by Ismaila Alfa, brings you a showcase of voices, stories, events and ideas that make Ontario lively and interesting.

June 7, 2023  

Roots of Empathy Baby Celebration in Seattle, Washington, USA
Seattle Baby Celebration Roots of Empathy

Mary Gordon speaks with Everett Fitzhugh, a Roots of Empathy volunteer father and sportscaster for the Seattle Kraken of the National Hockey League, making him a local hero. This followed an address to ROE volunteer parents/babies and Instructors in Seattle along with funders at their 16th Annual Roots of Empathy Baby Celebration

May 20, 2023

C20 (Civil 20 India) Panel

c20 Mental Health Panel, Mary Gordon presenting

Mary Gordon spoke at a C20 panel (Civil 20, India 2023) virtual event called “Education to Support Mental Health”, part of the Education & Digital Transformation Summit. Mary contributed to the Civil 20 education policy recommendations submitted to the G20.

April 2-4, 2023

University of Oxford World Summit on Literacy

Mary Gordon speaks at World Literacy SummitThe University of Oxford held a world summit on literacy on April 2-4th 2023 and invited Mary Gordon to speak. The topic Mary presented on was  ‘Fostering Literacy through the Lens of Empathy: Connecting emotional literacy to traditional literacy for the success of the whole child.’

Learn more: https://www.worldliteracysummit.org/

March 29, 2023

Mary Gordon at Canada House

Mary Gordon spoke at UK Canada Foundation at Canada House Trafalgar Square. Wanda Hamilton, CEO of the Canada-UK Foundation, was our host. Mary was a guest of Honourable Ralph Goodale, High Commissioner for Canada in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Roots of Empathy supporters and Board of Trustees met to discuss recent developments in the UK and future opportunities. Roots of Empathy is the biggest Canadian children’s charity (education) in the UK. Speakers included William Sword (Chair, Board of Trustees and Executive Committee of the Foundation), Mary Ito (ROE Canadian Board Member), Baroness Glenys Thornton (ROE UK Board Trustee), Morris Meehan (Public Health Agency, Northern Ireland), Graham Allan (Former MP and ROE UK Board Trustee), and Mary Gordon.

March 11, 2023

C20 (Civil 20 India) Panel
C20 and G20 logos for India 2023, Education and Digital Transformation C20 Working Group, India 2023

Mary Gordon spoke as part of a C20 panel (Civil 20, India 2023) virtual event called “Education and Digital Transformation: Education for Life, Global Citizenship”. Find highlights of Mary Gordon’s contributions from this panel discussion here. The objective of the discussion panel was to contribute to the preparation of a G20 policy document with recommendations for the theme – “Education for Life & Global Citizenship”

March 3, 2023

HundrED Interview

Founder and President Mary Gordon is interviewed by Hundred in an article called: Growing the garden of childhood: How Roots of Empathy nurtures connection for children and parents

Founder and President Mary Gordon was interviewed about: “Growing the garden of childhood: How Roots of Empathy nurtures connection for children and parents.” Article here.
HundrED is a Finnish non-profit organization that is dedicated to helping every child flourish by giving them access to quality education. HundrED recognizes Roots of Empathy as a top innovation in education by inducting Roots of Empathy into its Hall of Fame in 2023, after being selected in its top hundred for the previous 5 years in a row. Read about why Roots of Empathy is in the Hall of Fame here.

February 21, 2023

Presentation to the Ontario Ministry of Education

A picture featuring Mary Gordon delivering a presentation to the Ontario Ministry of Education

Founder and President Mary Gordon was the inaugural speaker at a new series of Professional Development for Ontario Ministry of Education Staff. She talked about their impact as more than the Ministry of Education – they are the Ministry of Peace, Justice and Health for children. The Roots of Empathy program supports that development in children.

January 8, 2023

La Presse Interview

Mary Gordon gets interviewed by La Presse

Founder and President Mary Gordon was interviewed by reporter Rima Elkouri about Empathy. ‘ Our society has an unprecedented potential for empathy. But faced with headwinds, this potential is struggling to express itself. How can we avoid the erosion of our ability to put ourselves in the place of our neighbor?’ Here is the link to the French article. The potential reach of this article was 5 million (Meltwater)