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250 Ferrand Drive, Suite 1501
Toronto, ON
Canada, M3C 3G8
Tel: (416) 944-3001 Fax: (416) 944-9295
Toll-free: 866-766-8763

General Inquiries: mail@rootsofempathy.org, 416-944-3001

U.S Program Manager: Amanda Roberts, aroberts@rootsofempathy.org  416-204-7883

President’s Office: Executive Assistant, Irena Trajkovska, itrajkovska@rootsofempathy.org

Chief Operating Officer/Donations: Brenda McCormack, bmccormack@rootsofempathy.org, 905-220-4629

Communications Director: Heather Sargeant, hsargeant@rootsofempathy.org, 416-710-3785

Program Integrity Director:Lisa McIntosh, lmcintosh@rootsofempathy.org

Business Development Manager: Amanda Roberts, aroberts@rootsofempathy.org, 416-204-7883

Research Manager: Emily Standfield, estandfield@rootsofempathy.org, 705-783-8843

Please see our Research Policy

National contact: Catherine Talbot, ctalbot@rootsofempathy.org 905-220-2402

British Columbia: Darcy Morgan,  dmorgan@rootsofempathy.org, 604-367-5509

Alberta: Laurie Morin, lmorin@rootsofempathy.org 587-926-2206

Saskatchewan, Quebec: Melanie Slater, mslater@rootsofempathy.org 416-204-7904

Ontario: Meghan Cox, mcox@rootsofempathy.org 437-522-0569

Manitoba: Colleen Weibel, cweibel@rootsofempathy.org 204-276-2289, Penny Helgason, phelgason@rootsofempathy.org 204-641-4629

Newfoundland & Labrador, Nova Scotia: Claudia Long, clong@rootsofempathy.org, 709-351-4051

New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island: Darlene MacDonald, dmacdonald@rootsofempathy.org, 506-773-3570

Seeds of Empathy

National/International: Lisa McIntosh, Director, Seeds of Empathy, lmcintosh@rootsofempathy.org

British Columbia: Darcy Morgan, dmorgan@rootsofempathy.org  604-367-5509

Alberta: Maryann Morris, mmorris@rootsofempathy.org, 905-599-1424

Manitoba: Colleen Weibel, cweibel@rootsofempathyorg 204-268-5513, Penny Helgeson phelgeson@rootsofempathy.org 204-641-4629

Ontario: Sandy Hamilton, shamilton@rootsofempathy.org 416-944-3001 ×7910

International Contacts Worldwide

Contact Brenda McCormack for information on programs in these countries, or to donate to programs in those countries. international@rootsofempathy.org

If you would like to bring Roots of Empathy to your country, contact Brenda McCormack. international@rootsofempathy.org
Tel. 905-220-4629

AODA – Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act

Roots of Empathy International Headquarters are fully accessible and service-animal friendly, and we ensure that all trainings and events are hosted in venues that meet AODA standards, as required.

A Multi-Year Plan has been developed to ensure our website and all resources will fulfill AODA requirements. Relevant documents are available below:

– Multi-Year Accessibility Plan

– Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation Policy

– Customer Service Policy

– Customer Feedback Form

If you have any questions, feedback, or would like help accessing the information on this site; please use our Customer Feedback Form above or contact 1-866-766-8763 or mail@rootsofempathy.org

In a truly civil society, every man, woman and child feels a sense of belonging.”

– Mary Gordon, Founder/President, Roots of Empathy

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