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Through the lens of temperament
with Mary Gordon

Roots of Empathy Founder and President, Mary Gordon, presents this series of videos to help parents and educators understand children’s behaviour through the lens of temperament.

In this series introduction, Mary Gordon unpacks your child’s temperament traits and describes how your own temperament traits impact the way you relate to your child, giving you another lens on parenting.

First Reaction

Mary Gordon explains the temperament trait of first reaction, which is the degree of caution or adventure that a child approaches new things such as food, clothes, people, or situations.


Mary Gordon explains how our bodies have a natural rhythmicity that is different from person to person, and how parents can understand and respond to their children’s rhythmicity.


Mary Gordon explains the continuum of intensity levels. If we understand our children’s temperament traits, including intensity, we can help them know themselves and navigate their world.

Roots of Empathy acknowledges the generous support of the Government of Ontario.