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Roots of Empathy in the Classroom

Want to help reduce bullying, aggression and violence in your school?
Want to surround your students with a positive and lasting experience that will help them to become role models and future leaders?


  • Independent research since 2000 has proven that the Roots of Empathy program reduced levels of aggression and bullying in children, and increased their prosocial behaviours such as sharing, caring and inclusion
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The Classroom Setting

  • Roots of Empathy is delivered on-site in your classroom during regular school hours
  • We use a specialized curriculum which is developmentally appropriate for primary/elementary children

While the Roots of Empathy Instructor is responsible for preparing and delivering the lesson during the Roots of Empathy visit, the classroom teacher is an active participant in the program. Teachers who see the need for the program, who have worked in consultation with the principal, the Instructor and other school staff, and who are proactive, will see the program unfold most effectively.

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