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Instructors volunteer to “Help score the symphony of Childhood”

Inspirational words from Mary Gordon, the Founder and President of Roots of Empathy about the importance of training Instructors for our Roots of Empathy classroom programs and our Seeds of Empathy childcare centre programs for this school year. Instructors volunteer their time to deliver the Roots of Empathy program and to attend 4 days of intensive training by a Roots of Empathy Trainer. In Seeds of Empathy, we train early childhood educators that work within liscenced childcare centres. Very fulfilling training and learning that leads to Instructors’ abilities to empower children to develop empathy and love themselves as they guide the programs. The scope of this training is vast in order to deliver programs across a dozen countries.  In spite of all the stress, the number of volunteers that have shown up for training is even higher than before!

A huge thank you to all of our Instructors ….

who are undergoing training – and to our Trainers and Mentors who ensure high quality training and program integrity.  The programs are delivered so well, that in our upcoming Global Annual Evaluation report (2021-2022) on Roots of Empathy programs, participating students, teachers, and Instructors overwhelmingly agreed that the program fostered the development of emotional literacy and empathy, promoted prosocial skills (like kindness, inclusion, sharing, and caring), reduced levels of bullying and aggression and so much more. See here for a sneak preview of the report.

Snapshots of our training

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